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Cornonavirus Countrystore Direct Update

Coronavirus Update and Delivery

Our Coronavirus Update & Dispatch Times

UPDATE 26.1.21

Due to transport delays in EU and China (a combination of Brexit and Covid-19 issues) some of our products are out of stock.  We are making every effort to get this stock to our warehouse as quickly as we can.  However, with this in mind, some orders may be delayed beyond our normal 2-3 working days.

We hope you are all keeping safe and well in this uncertain and scary time.

We know you will be getting a lot of emails and updates from companies on how they are dealing with COVID-19.  We have put this in our blog so that we can up date it reguarly as things move so fast day to day.

Our Current Situation

As a business our current situation is that we are still offering advice, taking orders and shipping.  We are working from home and our manufacturer drop ships for us.  So as long as they are open and dispatching we will be open (online) for business.


In general our dispatch times, for goods that are in stock, are as normal and we aim to get your goods to you with in 2 – 3 working days to UK mainland.  However, sometimes this is just not possible due to demand.  Please bear with us … we will always try our best.

Stock Levels

Some products are out of stock at the moment and but most products are still moving from factory to dispatch.  There are a few items out of stock but these items are due in in the next two weeks.

Going Forwards

We all hope that by isolating ourselves we can stop the spread of COVID-19.  We are working from home were possible and we are all taking the necessary precautions as advised by the government.  However, the situation is very fluid and we will do our best to keep you informed of any changes we have to make.

We wish you all well and hope that you keep safe.

If you have any questions – please contact us:

  • Live chat during working hours
  • 01368 440140
  • admin@countrystoredirect.com
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Christmas 2020 & New Year 2021 Opening Times

The 2020/2021 Christmas & New Year break is quickly approaching us!

There is still time to make sure you have completed all your Christmas shopping.  Electric fencing is not the most obvious Christmas gift… but a handy little tester could be just the thing for the girl with naughty ponies!!




  • Thursday 24th December 2020                     9am till 12.30pm (Phone & Email)
  • Friday 25th  December 2020                          CLOSED (Email Only)
  • Saturday 26th December 2020                      CLOSED (Email Only)
  •  Sunday 27th December 2020                        CLOSED  (Email Only)
  • Monday 28th December 2020                        CLOSED (Email Only)
  • Tuesday 29th December 2020                        9am til 5.30pm (Phone & Email)
  • Wednesday 30th December  2020                 9am til 5.30pm (Phone & Email)
  • Thursday 31st December 2020                       CLOSED  (Email Only)
  •  Friday 1st January 2021                                   CLOSED (Email Only)
  • Saturday 2nd January 2021                             CLOSED (Email Only)
  • Sunday 3rd January 2021                                CLOSED (Email Only)
  • Monday 4th January 2021                               9am til 5.30pm (Phone & Email)
  • Tuesday 5th January 2021                              9am til 5.30pm (Phone & Email)

Any orders placed over the Christmas and New Year period  will not be dispatched until Monday 4th January 2021.


Thank you so much for your custom in 2012.  

We look forward to working with you again in 2021…

Email: admin@countrystoredirect.com

Tel: 01368 440140   Web: www.countrystoredirect.com

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Ashford Middlesex Bowling Club - Electric Fencing

Ashford Middlesex Bowling Green – Fox Protection

Ashford Middlesex Bowling Green – Fox Protection


At http://www.countrystoredirect.com we speak to lots of bowling clubs about keeping badgers, foxes and even crows off the greens (birdscarers for crows).


An electric fence can be a cost effective solution that really works.  A bit of planning is essential and getting the installation right is also important.


Ashford Middlesex Bowling Club – (Ashford Middlesex Bowls Club is in the borough of Spelthorne that is actually in Surrey!) – has been running since 1918.  The club celebrated it’s Centenary last year.


About 8 years ago the problems started with foxes coming on to the green, playing and digging.  The Vice President and Green Keeper Mick Delaney (has been a member for 20 years and is an ex president) tried all kinds of techniques to keep the foxes away from digging up the greens.  Putting bottles of water on the green was one.  They were getting worried that this fox problem was never going to go away and their greens were going to be ruined.


The club started their electric fencing journey with a premium fox fence kit with 1m plastic electric fencing posts but over the last few years they have added to it by replacing the plastic posts with wooden ones to make more gates and so to give better access to the green.  This is a 4 line system.  But many clubs opt for a 6 line system especially if there is a path around the outside of the green – earth lines would be required inbetween the live lines to make sure the fox got a zap!


Mick says “The fence has certainly done its job.  The sales and after sales at http://www.countrystoredirect.com are first class.  Would highly recommend.”

We love to help our customers get the right products for their job.  Each job is different and we can work out what you need from a few pictures, diagrams and a conversation!



You could say we are ‘experts in our field’…!


Why not get in touch:


01368 440 140




email: admin@countrystoredirect.com

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Bird Scarers

Bird Scarers

When it comes to bird scarers we have steered away from the more traditional gas gun type bird scarer and have looked at more ecologically friendly options.

Currently we have two types of bird scarer:

  1. Scarecrow
  2. Scare’m

1. Scarecrow

The idea of the scarecrow is that it is a bio accoustic way of scaring birds, this means that the birds are not harmed but they are scared by hearing a distress call of their own kind.  The distress calls can be played at regular intervals.  They can be set by a timer and different distress calls can also be programmed to pay during the playing time period.  The Scarcrow can cover a 360 radius or a 180 radius – it can cover 400 acres.

The system has a variable volume – Scarecrow say ‘distress calls are most effective when played at a natural level to the birds so they perceive the threat to be real therefore our system have a variable volume function built it. This means that the unit will automatically play at a low level and then increase in volume (to the maximum set level) so birds at different distances from the unit will hear the call at a natural level.’

It also has a sweeping effect – Again Scarecrow say ‘A distress call is only broadcast naturally when a bird has been caught by a predator, therefore our systems have a sweeping effect built in which means that the distress calls are randomly broadcast out of different speakers to give the effect of a bird caught by a live predator flying around.’

The most common calls are captured and played out – 10 standard distress calls – Herring Gull, Black Headed Gull, Starling, Rook, Crow, Pigeon, Jackdaw, Canada Goose 1 & 2, Birds of Prey.


2. Scare’m

Scare’m kites.  The kites are birds of prey and they bob in the wind putting off primariy pigeons.

Initially these scarers were used in the usual agricultural settings to keep pigeons off oilseed rape… however theses high quality kites have since been used in many other settings:

  • Brassicas
  • Cover crops
  • Grass seeds
  • Vineyards
  • Fish lakes
  • Allotments
  • And even inner city rooftops

High quality kites, low maintanence and at one every 20 acres relatively inexpensive.  It is recommened that the kites are moved around too to help cover more ground.


What ever your bird scaring problems are … why not get in touch and we can discuss:

01368440140 or admin@countrystoredirect.com


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Want To Buy An Electric Fence?

There are so many options…

If you are looking for an electric fence to keep your animals safe or for a fence to keep predators out our products and kits will do the job.

We can help you find the right fence for a little job or large system.  Contact us with information about:

  1. the distance you need to cover
  2. how the fence is to be powered – ie mains, battery or solar
  3. what animals you need to protect or keep out

We can then direct you to a product or kit that would suit your needs or if a kit is not available we’ll put one together for you.

We have lots of experience and electric fencing knowledge.  We are experts in our field (ha ha!)… !

You can contact us via

  • Live chat on our site
  • on email – admin@countrystoredirect.com
  • by phone – 01368 440140

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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electric fencing circuit

How does an electric fence work?

In the most basic terms an energiser (pulser, fencer) converts mains or battery power into the pulse you want to run down your fence.  It is a high voltage pulse with low amps (very different to mains electricity).  The energiser releases the pulse along your insulated electric fencing at one pulse every second.  The actual pulse lasts around 150 microseconds!

The pulse or shock is what you feel if you touch the electric fence.  I wouldn’t advise it!

The shock is created because the circuit is completed if an animal touches the fence (see picture above).  The pulse travels along the electric fence and if an animal touches the fence it travels through the animal and into the ground and then back to the earth stake (the earth stake is very important and needs to be pushed into the ground as far as it can go)… creating a circuit and giving a zap!  This is the only circuit required with electric fencing – your actual electric fence doesn’t have to be connected back to itself.  The pulse enables us or an animal to get away from the fence.

The zap is a short lived shock – like a heavy static shock (ouch!).  This feeling creates a memory within us/or within an animal and we all know we don’t want to touch it again.  So, although the fencing is a physical barrier because it can be seen it is actaully more of a psychological barrier.  Animals learn to respect the fence and so stay away from it therefore keeping them safe and contained.

Electric fencing is a low cost and easily constructed alternative to stock fencing.  It can also be used to protect and improve existing fencing – add one or two lines of electric fencing run through insulators to an existing stock fence and you will extend the fence life.  Stock will also learn quickly to stay away from your stock fence.

We are always available to chat through your electric fencing requirements… get in touch:



01368 440140

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Charity – Team Tutsham

We have been lucky enough to find Team Tutsham and as we have been looking for a charity to support for a while this seems like the perfect fit.

You can find out more about Team Tutsham at their website – http://www.teamtutsham.co.uk/

This charity gives children of all back grounds a chance to enjoy the countryside and at the same learn to be with horses – and develop the following life skills:

  • Working as a team
  • Socialising with others
  • Develop personal responsibility
  • Grow in strength and physical fitness
  • Develop an understanding of country life
  • Open themselves up to further education
    within equine and agricultural courses
  • Become more independent

Team Tutsham say – We have seen a profoundly positive effect on children who have worked with us; growth in their self-esteem, they become more independent, autonomous and more confident individuals and we are proud to be a part of this.

At Countrystore Direct we have had the oportunity to experience life outdoors and are proud to donate to a charity that promotes this to children from all walks of life.

If you would like to donate too – go to – http://www.teamtutsham.co.uk//pages/fund-raising.php

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October 2018 Offers & Clearance Stock



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Win a Night Watchman

If you are not signed up to our newsletter you might not have seen our competition….

Just so you don’t miss out we are posting on our blog …

Protect Your Poultry with… A Night Watchman

Our competition was so popular last year we have decided to run it again… To win your free Night Watchman please answer the following question…

What charges your night watchman during the day?:

1. Solar panel

2. Mains Power

3. Battery Power

Please send your answers by email to admin@countrystoredirect.com

Good Luck!

There will be a draw and one winner will be announced w/c 3rd September 2018


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Keep Your Dog In

Dog Containment – tried and tested!

Every dog owner wants to keep their dog safe.  You need to know where your dog is and that it is not disappearing on its own.  There are many dangers out there.  Cars on busy roads or farmers protecting their livestock.

So we have come up with a small garden electric fencing kit that will help to keep the escape artist dog within your boundary.  We know that this idea will not to everyone’s taste but there are dog owners out there who have tried everything… this might just be your last resort.

Case study – My brother-in-law lives on the edge of a town.  He has a large garden and two inquisitive cocker spaniels.  His house backs onto a farmer’s field which gives the house and garden a feeling of space.  However there is sometimes livestock in the field and the farmer doesn’t want two (sometimes) crazy cocker spaniels tearing around his field and my brother-in-law wants peace of mind that the dogs are safe and contained.

So we put a kit together for him containing the following for 5 line max 20m:

  • 1 x Shrike Energiser
  • 1 x Earth Stake
  • 1 x 100m 4 strand green polywire
  • 1 x 10 pack eco grey/black posts
  • 1 x 25 pack insulators
  • 3 x 2 pack inline tensioners
  • 4 x 1.2m wooden posts
  • 1 x warning sign
  • 2 x 2 pack line to line connectors
  • 1 x galvanised wire joiners
  • 1 x KV10

It works a treat… small investment to keep your dogs safe.  And as you can see from the pictures it is fairly unobtrusive too!

If you like the look of this system and think it might be just what you are looking for …. then your luck is in because we have just put it on to our shop – Click Dog Containment Kit.

See pictures below of the system:

If you need any help with deciding which kit is best for you … just get in touch:

call – 01368 440140


email: admin@countrystoredirect.com


There is always the option of an inground/invisible dog fence which is laid under the ground and your dog wears a collar which warns him when he is getting too near the boundary – these can be found at Petsafe Dog Containment.

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Connie’s Coup – Part 2


Our hens are well and truly settled in.  They are great layers and help us prevent food waste by eating up the scraps.  There was one thing, however, I wasn’t happy with particularly in this hot weather.  Their drinker!

The Oi, Boy, Coy and Joy had a traditional style drinker that sat on the ground.  It was one of those ones that is made of plastic… you take it apart fill it up, screw the bottom back on and then flip it over and plonk it back in their pen.  The problem with it was the hens would sometimes knocked it over, they messed in the water or flicked dirt into it and sometimes I didn’t shut it up properly and the water leaked out… generally it was an a bit of a disaster… and notice here it is me cleaning out the water and not Connie (7.5 yrs) and Joe (3yrs) (who own the hens!)!

So it was time to invest, particularly since the weather has been so hot, in a new drinker.  We did a bit of research and we then purchased a 30 litre galvanised drinker.  The water bowl is off the ground and it is a vacuum drinker which means the water only comes through from the tank when the hens have drunk enough from the bowl.  The hens love it and so do I.

Here are some pictures of us putting it together!

It is really important that the seals are fitted well as this prevents the water from just rushing straight through the drinker and the plastic ball on the end has to be in just the right position for the water level to remain at the right position.

Its a fantastic piece of kit.  We decided it was such a great piece of kit that we needed to sell it on our shop along with the plastic alternative.  Check out the Galvanised Drinker and the Plastic Drinker on our shop – Galvanised and Plastic Poultry Drinkers.

If you have any questions about our products please ask:

01368 440140



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Happy Easter! Our Opening Times Are…

Happy Easter Everyone!

Here’s hoping the weather is half decent for us and our animals… and you get lots of chocolate!!

Countrystore Direct Easter Opening Hours

We are open to take your orders and chat with you on Easter Friday and also on Easter Monday!

Contact us as follows:

Friday 30th March 2018  – by email, phone (leave us a message) and live chat

Saturday 31st March 2018 – by email

Sunday 1st April 2018  – by email

Monday 2nd April 2018  – by email, phone (leave us a message) and live chat


Orders received before Tuesday 27th March will be sent out by Wednesday 28th March.

Dispatch is closed Friday 30th March and Monday 2nd April and reopens on Tuesday 3rd April 2018

So any orders received after Wednesday 27th March will be sent out ASAP – from Tuesday 3rd April 2018.


If you need to contact us about anything:

Call: 01360 440140


Email: admin@countrystoredirect.com

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New Electric Fencing Kits – Coming Soon!

We are in the process of developing some new kits for keeping out foxes, badgers, rabbits, deer, herons etc… and for keeping in poultry, pigs, sheep, cows, goats, horses and ponies.  We will also develop some new and improved bowling green kits along with some easy to install three reel systems.

Please bear with us as we try to get these kits right.  We want to provide you with electric fence kits that really are a proper kit… everything you need to get up and running as soon as it arrives.

Thanks for sticking with us whilst we go through this transition!  If you need help with a kit we can put this together for you… just ask – admin@countrystoredirect.com or 01368 440140

The CSD Team


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Connie’s Coop – Part 1

The Beginning… Welcome to our hen journey!

When I was 7 or 8 I got my first hens – 4 Rhode Island Red bantams and a cockerel.  I loved them.  They were beautiful little bantams and hardy … they needed to be as after a week or so in the hen house they were released on to the farm.  We had lots of hens who free ranged around the farm.  They were the yard scavengers – and we fed them too.  The Rhode Island Reds settled in well and were around for years and years.  Since then I have had a hankering to get some hens.  Now is the time!

Backyard: Our situation now is slightly different – my brother and sister-in-law run the family farm (with hundreds of free range hens) – and although we don’t own a farm we have a bit of space in our current location.  We are your typical backyard farmers or will be.  So now is the time to expand …to date we have a Sprollie – (Springer x Collie) called Tinka and now Connie and Joe have 4 hens (3 for Connie (Oi, Coy and Joy) and 1 for Joe (Boy who obviously is not a boy…  as she lays eggs!!)).  I image in the future there may be a sheep or some more hens (but ssssch don’t tell my husband!).

Environment: This is the year of recycling in our house and of trying to do our bit for the environment.  So when we decided to get some hens for Connie for Christmas (an excuse for me to look after them?!) we wanted to do everything we could to do right by the environment.  We searched locally for a hen house and luckily a kind neighbour gave us their hen house for free.  We wanted rescue hens and again luckily just when we wanted them my sister-in-law was changing over for some of her 450 hens.  We had intended on rescuing on three but on arrival at Old Leckie we were persuaded to get four (hence why we have one for Joe).

Feeding: Going on from being environmentally aware… when we have scraps we will give these to the hens.  I have read that avocados are not good for hens but it seems that you can pretty much give them anything and they will peck it up.  I have seen hens eat mice before when growing up on the farm (a mouse had drowned in a pale of water) – the hens went mad for this mouse… not what I was expecting.  Anyway I wont be feeding the girls mice but I will be feeding them any food waste from the house – it will be a good way to re-cyle and not waste.  Of course I remembered that hens need grit – its key to them being able to digest their food.  I got them some crushed oyster shells – they ignored the lovely grain mix I had just bought for them and went straight for the grit.  They must have really needed it.

Eggs: I love eggs – as does Connie.  We eat them regularly – perhaps too often.  But one of the nicest thing about having eggs is the kids faces when they find them in the nesting boxes… they are so excited.  Joe was so excited at the weekend he wanted to carry one into the house.  He got in the door and promptly fell over breaking the egg!  Ooops!

This is just the start of our hen journey.  We are all so excited by what we have taken on and love our four hens.  This is part of our kids education…how else will they learn where their food comes from!

There will be more to come as we need to erect an electric fence, we need to suss out the best bedding for our hens, we also need to investigate the best feed… and also find a way to keep the rats out.  And so it begins!